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It is time to
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and make it even
better than ever!
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Please watch the short video below to get an idea of what we are trying to do!
Right now we are at the second stage of fund raising,
and Hatchfund want to see how much we can raise
before the big call to action.

If you would like to contribute, see below for three different
ways to get in on the fun!
1. - Donate to PayPal.

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3. - Wait for the Hatchfund fund raiser!

Please email me at and let me know how much you intend to donate, so that I
can tell the Hatchfund people how much interest there is in the project! I will email you back when the
site is up and running.

The donation is tax deductible, and there is a fee of 10% added to your payment. 5% goes to funding
Hatchfund, and 5% covers the credit card fees.

So if you donate $100, then $5 + $5 is added, making your bill $110.
Perks, what PERKS????
That's right, depending on how much you donate, there are rewards for supporting the Paper Airplane Museum!

$50 x 500 available – Autographed copy of “Uncle Dean’s 5 Favorite Paper Planes”, and your
name added to the list of sponsors prominently displayed at The Museum.

$100 x 400 available – Autographed copy of “Freaky Flyers – 10 Halloween Paper Planes”,
plus the perks at the level above.

$250 x 300 available – Autographed copy of “Benoist Flyers”, plus the perks at the level above.

$500 x 200 available – Autographed copy of “Triplanes!”, plus the perks at the level above.

$750 x 100 available – Autographed copy of “Biplanes!”, plus the perks at the level above.

$1,000 x 75 available – Copy of every Flying Postcard so far created (33 of them!),
plus the perks at the level above.

$2,500 x 10 available – Paper Airplane created for you, named by you (in good taste),
and added to The Museum! Plus the perks at the level above.

$5,000 x 2 available – Resting bench in The Museum glorified with your name!
Plus the perks at the level above.

$25,000 x 1 available – Framed portrait on sponsor board, plus the perks at the level above.
Budget                                                                      Minimum        Stretch

12 months’ rent for 1,000sqft + utilities, insurance         -           $18,000          $28,000
Shop furnishings, tables, incentives and stock                -           $10,000           $10,000
Employee Compensation (Optional)                             -           $0                    $12,000

Totals                      Minimum Target                                       $28,000
                              Stretch Target                                                                  $50,000
Project Description

The Online Paper Airplane Museum is a website featuring over 800 free paper
airplane designs, going all the way back to the 1880’s.  I believe it is time for a
physical museum to be established to show kids of all ages just how much fun
can be had with a simple piece of paper and their own creativity. As an author
of several paper airplane books, I have a unique perspective and skill set to help
instruct them.  I had a test run of a small museum in a local mall, response was
great but unfortunately the mall didn’t generate enough traffic.

This museum is designed to be an inspiration to all, instead of merely
entertaining them. To help them see just what creativity can do, and help
spark within them a desire to work with their hands and create on their own.

The project will consist of renting approximately 1,000 square feet of retail
space in a strip mall along highway 192 in Kissimmee, FL.  This is a major artery
for tourist traffic for the theme parks, and has great potential to reach kids from
all over the world. The Museum would be free to all, would have displays of
paper airplanes throughout history,  interactive displays, and a gift shop to
keep it in operation after the initial funding is done.

I am asking for a minimum of $28,000 in funding, with a stretch goal of
$50,000. This will cover the cost of rent, insurance, utilities, furnishings, stock
and possibly the cost of hiring an employee. Any overage will go towards
location. As will all real estate, the better location costs more money.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will be inspired to make a paper
airplane today and Have Fun!
Text from the Video!

Hello, my name is Dean Mackey, and I am curator of The Online
Paper Airplane Museum, a website dedicated to the preservation
and dissemination of paper airplane designs for kids of all ages
throughout the world.

For over 15 years now I have been adding to my website, which
features over 800 free paper airplanes, going all the way back to
the 1880’s.

Over the years I have not only searched for antique designs, but
have created a growing collection of paper airplanes of my own.
I have written several books and designed many Flying Postcards.

The goal of this Hatchfund is to raise funds to cover the cost of
running The Museum for 1 year.

In 2015 I conducted a trial run of a small version of the museum in
a shopping mall in Orlando. It convinced me of the viability of the
project, but that a better location was needed.

I am looking to rent a 1,000 square foot shop in a strip mall location
along Hwy 192 in Kissimmee, FL. It is not only high traffic; it also has
an incredible amount of international tourist traffic due to the close
proximity of the theme parks in Orlando.

I am asking for contributions to help make this digital museum a
physical reality! Everyone enjoys paper airplanes, so why not
help the next generation enjoy it even more by showing them
there are no limits to imagination?

My target goal is $28,000 to help pay for the rent, utilities,
insurance, furnishings and stock for one year.

And remember, your contribution IS tax deductible!

The Museum will be free to the public, and divided into three
main sections:

First of all are the displays, featuring a timeline of  general aviation
and paper airplane history. For instance, here is a model of the X-1,
both in a 3D model, and a flying model created by NASA.
Combined with a short bit of information, this display would be in  
the “1947” year on the timeline.

2nd, Patrons will be given a free paper airplane, or if they like,
create their own, which they can use in a “shooting gallery” type
of game, allowing them to test the accuracy of the paper airplane
and their own throwing skills.

And finally, a gift shop to keep the museum in business after the
first year of funding is gone. After all, it IS Orlando, and every
attraction MUST have a gift shop!

Additionally, there will also be seasonal and special displays to
keep the museum fresh for repeat patrons.

Besides paper airplanes, there are other kinds of paper art and
creativity that I will feature on a regular basis. Origami, Kirigami,
and Cardstock Models just to name a few.

Once The Museum is paying its’ own bills, it can support further
efforts to encourage creativity.

Such as classes on the paper arts for those who wish to learn more
about them, and a location for local origami clubs to meet.

With additional time and effort, We might even be able to
revive the old idea of international paper airplane contests.
First done in 1967, and then again in 1985, I am sure a lot of you
out there recognize the books that came from these contests.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you can help bring this dream to
Click HERE to go to the youtube video!